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“Food is the material part of
live but wine is the spiritual part”

About me

After finishing my studies in Spain, I started working in a gourmet products store in Andorra, both in wine and food, in those years my boss transmitted to me the passion for the great wines of the world, there were six years of intense learning, about all of the French wines. After those years of job training, I became part of a national wine and food distributor in Andorra, I made the change from retailer to wholesaler, and I also acquired knowledge about Italian and North American wines, all this labor and self-taught education did That they presented me with a project to promote Spanish wine in Southeast Asia, in the search for distributors and foster a good commercial link, that led me to end up moving to Singapore, in order to better serve customers and organize promotional events for those wines.

After more than thirty years studying and working in the world of wine, he carried out a new project, that of an online store in Singapore, where I hope to offer my knowledge and good service to customers, and continue to promote the culture of wine.

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