Mercurey Les Combins 1er Cru 2019 L. Dufouleur

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Apellation: Mercurey 1er cru Les Combins

Grape variety: Pinot Noir 100%

Vineyard: “Clos de Barraults” is close “Les Crèts” climate, in the uplands near rocks. Sometimes, these rocks could fall and round. Thus, winemakers planted tree trunks in open ground to hold them back. They were called “barraux” (in English bars). The vineyard is managed with the use of sustainable growing techniques for treatments, and is HVE certified (High Environmental Quality). It is a hot and South/South-West facing plot of vine. Vines are protected from winds by the hill surrounding the “Clos” .

Geology: Soil made from mars with few limestone

Harvest: Harvesting is made by hand. Grapes are harvested and put in boxes, then protected in a temperature room before vatting. Any berry where rot is present will be rejected, so as to only work with healthy grapes.

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